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African Music

Even though Namibia, Kenya and Mali are all in the same region, there music has a few similarities and a few differences. After the Apartheid period, Kwaito music became famous in Namibia. This music was sung for “fun” and is known as “ghetto music.” Even though it has a negative connotation to people because it is “thug” sounding, it has helped build Namibia’s economy. The lyrics are shouted or blabbered, which is completely different than Mali’s music, which consists of women’s voices that have such a beautiful tone. While Kwaito’s lyrics are about going against politics and having fun, Wassoulou music is about women’s rights and what women desire the most- basically to be treated right.

Benga music is a slower rhythm compared to Wassoulou and Kwaito music. Wassoulou and Benga use the same classical instruents. Wassoulou uses Soku, which is a fiddle, kamalen n’gonly, which is a six string harp, and more. Kwaito uses   instruments for a sound of disco, a little bit of Jazz, and pop, almost lie a modern day system-digital music. Benga however has a much slower rhythm than the other two countries. Even though Africa is not a developed country, that does not mean the citizens of Africa are not going to be creative and artistic. Wassoulou music has multiple female singers who stand up for what they believe in. Benga music is  a more classy kind of genre for the adults, while Kwaito has music for the young spirits who enjoy dancing and disco. Africa is full of culture; pop culture of singing, that is.


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