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For my final assignment, I would like to research in America and internationally how women are portrayed in the Media- Advertising, Print, Television, etc.

For America, there is the youtube clip called, “Killing Us Softly,” which is about the media killing women slowly by saying they have to stay bone thin to be considered beautiful in America.

This video is about how people change what the models look like.

Four international links:

1) Mali- Women were usually not talked too by reporters who were interviewing people working on agriculture. Now women are being broadcasted on the news. empowering-women-sweeping-media-changes-in-coverage-of-african-women.aspx

2) In India, beauty was usually plumpeness. But now that is changing due to the media and to American media. body-image-in-indian-women-as-pqid:1905558951

3) Here is another link in India on how women who are doctors lose their femininity in India. Also, in Bollywood, men are considered, “heroes” who tease or hit women. media-portrayal-of-women

4) Mexican and Argentinean women portrayed in the media-“‘In advertising, Women remain stupid,” or “Supermarket’s Winning Ad Declares ‘Argentinean Women Are Beautiful.'”mexican-ad-campaign-mocks-countrys-gender-bias#.TwHqhkLFUxc


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